Cambodia officially launches multilateral financial cooperation and the establishment of first investment bank business service

(L to R) Founder of CHENG FUNG GROUP and Managing Director of Cambodia Securities Plc. Madam Buth Kerady, with H.E. Madam Men Sam An, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Assembly-Senate Relations and Inspection and H.E. Dr Thong Khon, Minister of the Ministry of Tourism.
Cambodia Securities carries the mission of national development in line with national policies to develop in-depth collaborations with neighbouring countries. Our management team is comprised of seasoned professionals with years of experience in various security markets such as New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Combined with international professionals, we are committed to create win-win outcomes by introducing Cambodia’s macroeconomics.

With a primary focus in investment banking, Cambodia Securities will work in more important business areas such as venture capital, underwriting, financial advisory and M&A services due in large part to undertake the nation’s mission for Cambodia’s infrastructure development, franchising businesses and overall economic growth with foreign capital’s investments.

Based on the above-mentioned business objective, Cambodia Securities is seeking to cooperate with local exchanges so that the Cambodian capital market can properly connect with other counties. It will start to build ties with financial institutions to issue funds such as VC funds, currency funds and index funds. By way of the issuing and listing of funds, foreign investors are allowed to participate in Cambodia’s fast-growing economy market in a more transparent and liquid way. Through fund management in Cambodia’s enterprise investment, this will be conducive to contribute to overall economic growth.

Despite few listed enterprises on the Cambodia Stock Exchange, cheap labour cost with high production as a base point in addition to deployment of infrastructure are common footsteps for many Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam as well as China for its nearly 20-year miracle and early-stage development of Taiwan. It is estimated that when the pandemic eases in the third quarter of 2021, its capital market activities are likely to be booming and the number of listed companies will multiply within three years.

Madam Buth Kerady, Founder of CHENG FUNG GROUP and Managing Director of Cambodia Securities.

According to Madam Buth Kerady, Founder of CHENG FUNG GROUP and Managing Director of Cambodia Securities, an international kick-off conference will be held in Phnom Penh in the fourth quarter of this year upon pandemic slowdown. During this grand event, it is expected to invite renowned guests including high-level government officials, internationally renowned investment bankers and large-scale financial institution VIPs to make a pledge for future cooperation.

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